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Juice Cleanse

Our range of delicious, nutritious juices are perfectly balanced and made with only the finest ingredients ensuring that you are giving your body all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients it needs for optimal vitality and wellbeing. The Juice Cleanse can be tailored to suit your daily activity levels and caloric requirements for weight loss/weight gain.

Protein Boosters:
These delicious shakes are designed to help you retain muscle while you burn fat. With healthy fats for lasting energy and to promote optimal hormone production, these shakes use a combination of raw, vegetarian proteins and micronutrients that are 100% natural, dairy and soy-free, with absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients

Supernutrient Infused Juices:
These power-packed superfood blends will flush your body with vital micronutrients that help to alkalise and detoxify. Our potent combinations of fruits and vegetables combined with specially blended superfood infusions help to fight inflammation and give you a true sense of wellbeing.

Our range of easy-to-digest juices are designed to stimulate your metabolism, promote detoxification, and assist your liver and digestive system to function optimally. (Oh, and they taste amazing too!).

How it works:
You choose the length of your cleanse (between 1-20 days) and then select 6 of our freshly prepared juices/shakes to drink each day. Drop in or call to place your order and get started on your journey to better health today!